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    He confided in a teacher “who had displayed her dedication and empathy toward all her students,” Kai said at a news conference last month.

    Some lawmakers in other states have introduced bills in their legislatures with broad language requiring that parents be notified of any changes to their child’s emotional health or well-being.

    Republican state Sen. Kelly Seyarto, who represents Murrieta in Southern California, said schools should increase transparency with parents by notifying them of their child’s gender identification change.

    The bill now heads to the state Assembly, where it would need to pass in committees and on the floor before it can reach the desk of Democratic Gov.

    A judge tentatively blocked parts of the policy, and the district later updated the rule to apply more broadly to when a child requests any change to their student records.

    “I came home to literally all my things on the front lawn, because I was kicked out,” the Democrat representing the San Fernando Valley said.

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      This summary is useless, and doesn’t even make sense. Can we please ban this kind of AI shit here.

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        In all fairness to the bot, the original article is rather disorganized.

        For those who don’t want to click, the lesbian Democratic State Senator who was outed at 16 to her rejecting mom is Caroline Menjivar.

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          I see this bot all the time and it’s always shit though.

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      This is a good policy, it means school districts can’t force teachers to out students to their parents without the student’s permission.