• @pikmeir
    361 month ago

    I’ve done my best to summarize them here with my opinions, but the article is also a quick read.

    AB 1013 - bars and clubs must offer reasonably-priced or free drug testing kits.

    Excellent to deter people trying to spike someone’s drink. If you’re worried, just get a quick test without having to even leave the bar.

    AB 12 - caps residential security deposit at 1 month’s rent, or 2 month’s rent if the landlord owns no more than 2 residential rentals with no more than 4 units.


    SB 244 - requires manufacturers of electronics/appliances over $50 to provide product parts/tools/instructions to repair devices.

    A+ Louis Rossmann’s dream?

    SB 478 - requires all mandatory fees/charges to be stated up front (no undisclosed fees such as in concert/sports tickets or lodging).

    Curious what the companies will do to get around this, but it’s a good start and I think should lead to a decrease in prices overall as companies have to compete through advertising.

    SB 553 - employers must record violent incidents and have training on violence prevention.

    They didn’t have to before?

    AB 28 - 11% tax on firearms/ammo.

    This goes toward the “Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Fund” which I googled and found out it goes to programs to help prevent gun violence and enhance safety at school, as well as mental health services. Overall this seems like a good thing if it works.

    SB 274 - public schools with a student in “willful defiance” can’t suspend/expel them, but must implement intervention programs and support for those students.

    I guess this is good too?

    AB 230 - public schools must provide free menstrual products in school bathrooms + more instruction from grade 3+.

    Makes sense, because kids can start their periods from 10~ but some earlier.

  • @Crackhappy
    -221 month ago

    The State of California is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. Use with caution.