• @NocturnalMorning
    19 days ago

    I didn’t know the U.S. banned collaboration with China in 2011. I hate that we don’t do more of this. Collaboration on science missions is a good thing for everyone.

    • @llamacoffee
      419 days ago

      I would also like to see more collaboration, and there are many nuanced reasons why the US would rather not. Just one of them is that this launch resulted in this:


      I can’t imagine being one of the scientists designing and cheering on this mission and then realizing my country’s funds caused that scene. Thank goodness the US doesn’t drop empty stages (containing extremely dangerous chemicals in this case) on populated areas, this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.

      • @NocturnalMorning
        319 days ago

        Unfortunate yes.

        Thank goodness the US doesn’t drop empty stage

        SpaceX has dropped stuff that’s caused fires in state parks


        Also found an article where orbital debris landed on a trail in North Carolina. This stuff happens unfortunately. Acting like China is the only one who’s had issues is disingenuous.

        Heck, the U.S. let the last space station burn up in an uncontrolled re-entry, and got huge public backlash, which is the only reason we have end of mission plans now.