• @givesomefucks
    1712 days ago

    The accounts on the social media platform X have since been banned.

    Hey look, they’re where I said they were…

  • @ShittyBeatlesFCPres
    1612 days ago

    Russia is behind all the ░P░U░S░S░Y░ I░N░B░I░O░ accounts because they need to make at least $8/month to finance their political influence bot accounts.

  • @aodhsishaj
    1412 days ago

    I believe the game here is whackamole

  • AutoTL;DRB
    312 days ago

    This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The US Department of Justice said on Tuesday that it disrupted a Russian operation that used fake social media accounts enhanced by artificial intelligence to covertly spread pro-Kremlin messages in the United States and abroad.

    The news comes four months before the US presidential election, which security experts widely believe will be the target of both hacking and covert social media influence attempts by foreign adversaries.

    The justice department secured court approval to seize two domain names and search nearly 1,000 social media accounts allegedly associated with the effort.

    “With these actions, the justice department has disrupted a Russian-government backed, AI-enabled propaganda campaign to use a bot farm to spread disinformation in the United States and abroad,” the US attorney general, Merrick Garland, said in a statement.

    This private organization had designed a custom, AI-powered platform to create, control and manage hundreds of fake social accounts, which were made to look like those of real Americans, according to court documents.

    They commonly posted pro-Kremlin talking points, including videos of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and criticized the Ukrainian government.

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