Just an FYI in case anyone wants to update their Miyoo Mini Plus.


Seems like a bunch of bug fixes and language corrections were added in this release.

What’s Changed

Fix background for roms menu by @schmurtzm in #938
Update it.lang by @Amiga500 in #945
pl.lang by @Assassins78pl in #944
Moved filebrowser config to persistent (across OTA upgrade) location. by @XK9274 in #948
New shutdown script for proper power-off by @schmurtzm in #958
MainUI patches: Enable button sound for L1/R1 and patch shutdown call by @tGecko in #959
Swap L1/R1 and L2/R2 in Package Manager by @schmurtzm in #960
Fix roms scrolling when long press menu button to add a rom in favorite by @schmurtzm in #953
Update COMMODORE config.json: add extlist by @mjkaye in #967
Updated Ukrainian language by @RandomKartopfel in #966
Rework of net services (inc. NTP) for instant start by @XK9274 in #964
Fixed scrolling for lists with disabled items by @Aemiii91 in #972
CHORE: Remove leftover "-s" flags and raise debug level by @tGecko in #974
I18N: Updated Russian language by @RandomKartopfel in #971
CHORE:Replace zip with 7z in build process by @tGecko in #976
FIX: Adds exit condition to NTPwait loop by @XK9274 in #970
DOCS: Create Create-MiyooGameListXmlFormatted.ps1 by @t0b10-t3nm4 in #926
DOCS: Create New-MiyooGameListXml.ps1 by @t0b10-t3nm4 in #927
FIX: Tweaks scrolling, timezone sync, standby disabled check by @Aemiii91 in #977
FIX: Multiple network time issues by @tGecko in #979
I18N: Updated Japanese translation and added Uchinaguchi translation by @kuragehimekurara1 in #978
I18N: Updates short Brazilian translation by @bruhensant in #980
I18N: Updates long Brazilian translation by @bruhensant in #981
FIX: Replace unzip with 7z for configs.pak and Tweaks by @tGecko in #988
FIX: MM showing MY354 instead of MY283 by @tGecko in #989
FIX: Improved scaling toggle for RetroArch (saves overrides automatically) by @Aemiii91 in #968
FIX: Improved installer by @Aemiii91 in #991
FEAT: Add smbd to Tweaks for Samba file sync by @XK9274 in #973
FIX: Remove duplicates from favorites on-the-fly by @Aemiii91 in #994
FIX: Activity Tracker now uses SQLite and migrates old db files by @schmurtzm in #956
FIX: "Easy Netplay" final touches: Removed slow chksum from GLO - QOL fixes - File size check by @Aemiii91 in #969
FEAT: Add user authentication for network services by @tGecko in #998
FIX: Keep clock synced while display is off by @Aemiii91 in #999
FIX: Swap start and select button in MainUI Gamelist by @tGecko in #1006
FEAT: Brightness shortcut can be changed to MENU+UP/DOWN in Tweaks (MM only) by @Sichroteph in #1004
FEAT: Resizable OSD bar by @Sichroteph in #1005
CHORE: use device_model instead of 283 354 by @codeudan in #1012
FIX: Improved overlays file structure and bugfix by @Aemiii91 in #1003
I18N: Added Greek language files by @Tortugasss in #1002
FEAT: Add Pokémon Trading/Colosseum support by @XK9274 in #1007
FIX: Various fixes for RC release by @Aemiii91 in #1011
I18N: Czech translation by @spenaat in #1014
REFACTOR: Migrate shortnames tool to cache6 by @Macs75 in #1029
REFACTOR: Changes to Easy Netplay & Pokemon trading GLO scripts by @XK9274 in #1026
FIX: Added alternative fonts for other UI languages to RetroArch by @tGecko in #1032
FEAT: Added tool to automatically generate miyoogamelists with clean names by @pogman-code in #1039
FEAT: Better OC support by @Aemiii91 in #1035
FIX: NTP improvements and Tweaks enhancements by @tGecko in #1013
FEAT: Updated gpSP to commit 1d972ec by @schmurtzm in #1044
FIX: Update rom info on play activity start by @Aemiii91 in #1043
CHORE: Align logging in EN/Pokémon Scripts after PRs by @XK9274 in #1047
FIX: miyoogamelist_gen fix sed behavior on no-match & aggressive bracket regex by @pogman-code in #1050
FIX: Fix cleanup crash - Netplay client scripts by @XK9274 in #1059
FIX: Remove the background from the wifi icon in MainUI by @tGecko in #1060
I18N: Update Vietnamese language by @Aemiii91 in #1066
  • @8ender
    310 months ago

    They fixed the wifi icon hooray!