Hey everyone!

We have decided to do a banner and logo contest, here is how to participate:

  1. Any submission must be commented below in its own thread, that way they are easy for everyone to find. Any top level comments that are not a submission will be removed, commenting on submissions thread is allowed.
  2. Everyone can vote on the ones listed below to help the decision, but the mods will pick their favorites and make a separate post for the community to vote on.
  3. Obviously the design must be tech/news related, all art forms welcome, and please no NSFW. You can submit just a banner, or just a logo, or both if you wish!
  4. Winner will get sidebar acknowledgement and bragging rights. If multiple designs are liked by the community, we will most likely cycle threw a few different banners/logos throughout the year and give each credit on the sidebar.
  5. Anything Elon Musk will be launched by Space-X directly into the sun at the speed of light.
  6. Be excellent to each other!

Any questions can be messaged to either @[email protected] or myself!

  • Otter
    711 months ago

    Since there aren’t any submissions yet, here is something I had dallE generate to get the ball rolling. To be clear, this was made by AI, so I don’t think it’s a fair entry, but maybe it might get things going?

    banner submission

    The styles I went with, in order, were

    • Painting, Vermeer
    • Magical Realism, Rob Gonsalvez
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Golden Age Comic Book style
    • @linearchaos
      511 months ago

      Properly labeled AI generated should be allowed, if nothing else, it might give artists ideas.

  • @linearchaos
    311 months ago

    Just screwing around with AI prompts

    “wide banner format a 256 color 2d collage of futuristic computer peripherals” on Bing’s AI Image creator powered by DALL-E