Version 1.22.0 was just released with support for viewing deeply nested comments.

This feature is SUPER cool and something I’ve wanted to do for a while (despite not making a Github issue for it). I can only take credit for the code though, because the design is inspired from Apollo.

There’s two parts to the experience to viewing deeply nested comments:

Load parent comments


When you’re viewing a link to a single comment and the comment is nested greater than three layers, you will see a “Load parent comments” button:

When you tap it, you can continue to load parent comments, all the way back to the root comment. And what’s cool about it is since you’re viewing a single comment chain, we can take advantage of that and forgo the indentation:

Even though the parent chain isn’t indented for a given comment, the comments still have their unique nesting colors!

Continue Thread

When comments get too nested for a single page, you’ll see a “Continue Thread” button:

Tapping that brings you to a new page to continue viewing the thread (notice page title is “Thread” and initial comment is highlighted):

You can keep doing this over and over again for very deeply nested conversations, to the bitter end!

ICYMI: Communities list alphabetical scroll bar

Released in v1.21.0, You can now quickly scrub through all your communities

  • @aehardingOPM
    169 months ago

    Nesting test thread!

  • @[email protected]
    79 months ago

    Unfortunately I have a problem with expanding comments recently. If I am on the bottom of a comments page and I expand comments there, they expand up and not down. So I have to scroll up again, to find the beginning of that thread.

    • @aehardingOPM
      9 months ago

      Can you provide a link to reproduce next time you see this? Thanks

      Edit: Oh, I think I see what you mean. If you are scrolled to the bottom of the page it stays pinned to the bottom of the page. I will have to investigate further!