Serving you mostly last week’s stuff (and older) because I keep “forgetting” to clean out my file (because I keep “forgetting” to get a new box.)

Anyway! The list: *TMNT vs Street Fighter 1 *Amazing Spider-Man 122 (facsimile) *The Quarry *Frank Frazetta’s Mothman 1 *Sudden Death 1 *Jeff Lemire’s Tenement 1 *Nightmare Country Glass House 3 *Octobriana and the Underground 1 *The Neighbors 2 *Star Wars Mandalorian Season Two 1 *Star Wars Vader Black, White, and Red 1 Momoko cvr *Last Ronin hardcover edition (took me long enough!)

I will try and remember to post back here as I read some of these :) for example I have not seen or read Mando at all so that one is off the table for a bit. I’m also finally working through my backlog a little, which is great but I have literally like two years worth of stuff to read. So.