Seriously it really grinds my gears that the Canadian government thinks that 16 years olds are mature and intelligent enough to drive a car, work a full-time job, pay taxes, apply for a passport, and are able to live independently on their own without a parent or guardian if they want to and get married with parent consent.

But when it comes to voting the Canadian thinks 16 year olds are not mature and intelligent enough to vote. Its completely ridiculous in my opinion.

  • @rdyoung
    141 month ago

    I don’t know what circles you grew up in but in my entire life I’ve met only a handful of teenagers who not only know what the fuck is actually going on but care enough to do something about it. I interact regularly with college students at a fairly respected and prestigious University and most of them have no fucking idea what is going on in the world or what needs to happen to make changes, how complicated things actually are, etc.

    One main reason why under 18 shouldn’t vote is the concern that the adults around them will bully them into voting against their own beliefs and interests regardless of which side anyone may be on.

    I skimmed your history here and you sound like a kid who is feeling too big for their britches.

    • @[email protected]OP
      1 month ago

      It’s strange to me that you think it’s perfectly okay for a 16-year-old minor to drive a car that could potentially get them killed if they got into a car accident.

      But you are not okay with 16-year-olds being able to legally vote because you are worry adults might bully them for their own beliefs and interests.