It really is pretty good after all! I didn’t really know what to expect going in, but this is a show I kinda wish was around when I was younger.

It’s pretty good at speaking to introverted kids trying to find their place in the world in those awkward years, I think, without some cheesy, simple, “Surprise, you’re the chosen one!” sort of approach. This is all the more impressive given that they do have that protagonist is ridiculously powerful but doesn’t know how to channel it character trait going on here.

I can see now why it became so popular, even aside from it following the success of One-Punch Man.

  • @hypertown
    31 month ago

    No matter how old I get I still love watching Mob Psycho. When they released S3 I decided to rewatch S1 and S2 and it made me appreciate this show even more. Especially S2. Music, art, animations, character development, everything is just soo good. I’m still getting goosebumps while watching some fight scenes.