From Jay Grave

Oh hey?!!?!! There you are! This curious little fledgling was checking me out when I first found them high up in the trees! They would also fall asleep in this position and it has to have been one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen when finding baby Owls!

  • anon6789OP
    132 months ago

    Different owl and photographer, but same Idea. Photo by Dave Heuvel

    For those new to the group, they don’t fall off due to the way their tendons are arranged. When they are relaxed, the tendons in their feet lock, holding them in place. They have to engage their muscles and do the equivalent of standing up to let them go.

    If you haven’t seen the mega post in talons, check that out here.

    For just the tendon info, with some animations, click here.

    • @[email protected]
      52 months ago

      Oh wow I didn’t know/remember about the talon thing, or at least the details of how it works! That’s really cool!

      • anon6789OP
        22 months ago

        It’s been one of my favorite facts. It’s such a simple physiological difference, but it is so beneficial to an animal who lives in trees.