So, I am running ProxMox with PFSense virtualized on it, and I am having some issues with SSH and Ping access between my physical machines and the rest of the network. The two computers are running into an unmanaged switch before then connecting to the NIC port that is set as the LAN interface.

As the diagram attached hopefully helps demonstrate. The only problems are running between the two physical devices, and from PFSense to the two physical devices. The physical devices can connect to the virtual devices, and they can connect to PFSense just fine via SSH and can ping PFSense, but PFSense can not ping back, and PFSense can not SSH into the physical devices.

This whole mess is utterly confusing to me, to be honest. I still am very much a novice when it comes to PFSense as I only swapped to it about a month ago, but hopefully someone here will be able to help!

Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide. I am sure that this post is a bit confusing, but hopefully I can clarify in the comments!

Edit: Thanks to Starfer I fixed the issue! I errantly left Windows Defender on!

  • @HybridSarcasmM
    11 months ago

    pfSense comes with a fairly closed default firewall. You’ve done a decent job of describing the physical configuration of the network. What is the logical configuration? What VLAN(s) have you set up? In the firewall page, what tabs/headings are there? At minimum, you should see “Floating”, “WAN”, and “LAN”.

    Also, please include the networking config for Proxmox and the pfSense VM. You can grab those details from the Proxmox GUI.

    • @theRealBassistOP
      211 months ago

      Thank you so much for the response! However, it as actually much much simpler. I skipped a step in my procedures after resetting my computer, apparently, and forgot to turn off Windows Defender!