• zelifcam
    1 month ago

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    • @thejoker954
      31 month ago

      But who are those folks? Are they they the generations that straddled the divide, the generation before, or the newer generations?

      I worry that the generations born into this disinformation age will not have the skills needed to even attempt wading through the bullshit.

      • Promethiel
        1 month ago

        The ones that straddled the divide seem to be the most versed but also the most blind to where the other generations are, particularly the newer ones.

        Many of them can’t navigate file systems, or use data abstractions like a simple node tree.

        They live under eroding education systems and the free sharing of ideas seems under attack damn near everywhere.

        Entire concepts like the idea that privacy or self determination are human rights aren’t really taught and are the assumptions of those who came before to them.

        They’re mad and don’t even know who to be mad at, all the while their every interaction is with The Algorithm, which is (are) all too happy to break down and redirect that anger towards short term gain for the few, regardless of long term societal costs for the whole.

        It’s not insurmountable, but it is so so much bullshit. A never ending deluge. Will the fact that some humans are always born with more than others and enough of them may develop enough critical thinking despite the points at everything be enough?

        I dunno. But I worry too.