• Flying Squid
    451 month ago

    The thing is, Trump fans are as immune to facts, even after being presented with them, as Rogan fans (of course, there’s a huge overlap between them). They could be given a time machine trip back to see Trump say it themselves and Trump would say, “fake news!” and they would believe him.

    No evidence in the world can convince you if you have faith.

    • 🔰Hurling⚜️Durling🔱
      81 month ago

      Because the desperation to have a degenerate like themselves is too great that they will fight every issue and red flag as a singular and outlying issue.

    • @ameancow
      71 month ago

      Trump fans are as immune to facts

      Because this brand of conservatism is not one of reason and logic, it’s not about policy and political action, it’s about emotion.

      The people attached to MAGA are the same people who were fanatical about Wrestlemania and didn’t care if it was real or not, because it was real to them and they wouldn’t take any criticism or people telling them it’s not real because it was all they had, it was their storyline, it was raw emotion and easy-to-follow narratives of good versus evil. Trumpers are in that same state of both knowing that they are just part of a fantasy, but also embracing that fantasy as a reality.

      We tend to develop very black-and-white views of the role of logic and reason in our world, but the brain doesn’t even work on logic and reason, it works by inventing a story to explain how you feel, it writes a narrative to explain your emotions or sensations and that narrative doesn’t even need to make sense, it just needs to connect, and you will embrace that narrative because it feels like it makes sense. This is how you have very book-smart people like doctors and nurses becoming anti-vax, conspiracy embracers, because they are humans and have emotional issues, and a brain that will write a story (or attach to a provided story) to explain those emotions.

    • @Donkter
      11 month ago

      It’s not that they’re immune to facts, it’s that they’ll see the fact and just willingly lie because they think they have the overall high ground and believe they’re trolling right along trump to own you.