I’ve been eyeing this machine for a while since my goal is to really control my press just like I have with the Aero Press. Still haven’t decided if this is a worthwhile investment.

  • dandan
    611 months ago

    Yeah, a flair or a robot is way quicker than a powered espresso machine.

    I’ve been trying to optimise my workflow using a stopwatch and doing as much in parallel as possible. The key is to have water boiling and beans grinding simultaneously, and then milk heating and espresso extraction simultaneously.

    I can make a flat white and be all cleaned up and packed away withing 4mins.


    • add water to kettle and start boiling
    • add beans to grinder and start grinding
    • get robot off shelf and put into position with scale
    • put milk into French press and in the microwave with time set to 1min (but not yet started)
    • grinding has now finished. WDT and tamp.
    • kettle has now boiled, press start on microwave
    • water into portafilter and press (~30sec)
    • empty and clean portafilter
    • remove milk from microwave, froth, pour.
    • put away robot, clean french press.
    • @eramseth
      211 months ago

      That’s pretty wild.

      I got a bellman steamer for milk. Usually only do lattes when I’m quaking from home or on weekends because it takes a while.