Never mind Windows 365, I’ve yet to move on to Windows 11. Tried a few times and never liked it.

This seems like a really bad idea. Are there any examples of this that Lemmians are familiar with? Certainly can’t play games on it. Right?

  • kbity
    1 year ago

    I can only imagine how thin the margins will be on laptops that are physically incapable of running their own operating system and basically don’t qualify as general-purpose computers. The computer itself will be streamed to you over the internet and you’ll just have an IPL that handles your keyboard and mouse, the display, the network connection and the encrypted memory buffer you use to send files to your cloud PC or receive them onto a Microsoft-authorised USB device for external transfer.

    Will also be so much fun in 5-10 years when only enterprise customers are allowed the luxury of being sold a local version of Windows, so your whole laptop freezes up every time your connection is interrupted and trying to turn it on without an internet connection just takes you to a 404 page baked into the bootstrap ROM.

    • StarServal
      21 year ago

      Enterprise already runs remote virtualized desktop instances and while it works it’s a useable experience, but when there’s any problem it’s a nightmare scenario.