Never mind Windows 365, I’ve yet to move on to Windows 11. Tried a few times and never liked it.

This seems like a really bad idea. Are there any examples of this that Lemmians are familiar with? Certainly can’t play games on it. Right?

  • merlin
    11 months ago

    Game playability depends on network bandwidth and latency and also on the type of game. I’ve played Hitman Blood Money over the net when Square Enix had a programme that let you play their games in a browser for 30 minutes or something for every ad you watched and that worked quite well on a 12mbit connection close to the servers. But I can’t imagine something like Counter Strike working well.

    But no matter what happens the desktop can’t die as there are still Linux, BSDs and MacOS (maybe even Haiku but I don’t know how viable that is, certainly not for gaming anytime soon).