• Alter_Id
    311 months ago

    My impression of squabbles after a while was more “feigned whimsy reddit”. The people who loved the quirky snu aspect of reddit found their way there. “Oh look, he’s wearing a box on his head with a face hole cut out! Ha ha!” - “He’s holding a plate with a piece of birthday cake in one hand and a saxophone in the other! What a whacky character!!!” - “He’s piloting a rocket ship! Space is amAAAAAzing!!!”

    The dev seemed like he was impressively dedicated to improving the platform, but I didn’t jive with what I perceived at the time to be the emerging culture there. Nothing offensive about it, but that’s not at all what I’m looking for really. I haven’t been there any type of regularly for a couple weeks, so not sure if that’s still a thing.

    Also, I don’t pay strict attention to what instances they’re coming from, but I’ve blocked many communities throughout the fediverse that spam memes like they’re running out of time or something. I don’t think squabbles exclusively lays claim to that type of behavior.

    Just my opinion.