• @_cerpin_taxt_
    9910 months ago

    Why isn’t the interviewer calling out his bullshit to his face? This is how you get the lowest common denominator to believe this garbage.

    • Nougat
      4910 months ago

      Because CNN got shifted towards the right for a while. I know there’s been leadership change at CNN relatively recently, but I don’t know if that leadership is making any changes on that front, or if any attempted changes are having an effect.

    • chaogomu
      3710 months ago

      It’s the bullshit myth of “impartiality” that most journalists buy into.

      They think they need to just “let the candidate speak for themselves” unless it’s a left leaning candidate, and then they either;

      A, Ignore the candidate completely,
      B, Tear into the candidate on made up metrics like “electability” despite how popular the candidate actually is.

      More has been written on this subject, but this is a good one.

      • @dessimbelackis
        2610 months ago

        It’s cuz the people who own media companies love republican policies and candidates no matter how “left-leaning” they allow their outlets to present as. An actual left-wing news station would tear desantis apart but they don’t exist because of media concentration.

    • @[email protected]
      10 months ago

      Because he’s not a journalist, he’s a content creator. He gets paid for views, not for accurate reporting

    • @MissO
      110 months ago

      They’re tying to attract some of FOX’s disaffected viewership.