The current system of job seeking often requires to lie on resume. It is even being highly recommended by people that coach people for job seeking, although with some moderation of course.

  • Hangglide
    10 months ago

    I wanted to hire a guy and then we found a lie on his resume. He said he had graduated but in fact he had a few weeks left to graduate. He would have the degree by the time he started the position. Our agency wouldn’t touch him after that. A lie on the resume was a deal killer.

    If he said “Degree expected on <date>” rather than I have a degree he would have the job now.

    • @[email protected]
      3010 months ago

      If he could prove he was graduating in a matter of weeks then that’s fucking ridiculous. I was accepted to grad schools before I even passed my final undergrad classes. It’s just on a conditional basis, but nothing changed when I actually got the degree. Besides, there’s time between the last classes ending and commencement, then months between commencement and getting the actual degree in the mail and your transcripts being updated.

      I’m hope he feels like he dodged a bullet.