When you block ads on YouTube, the ads are deleted. This has the problem of not giving creators money, forcing you to actually spend $10/mo or whatever the average Patreon subscription is. What if there was an option for an ad to play in the background while a black rectangle covers the screen while temporarily muting the browser tab? (Since the ad still plays in the background, the creator still gets money, allowing you to be a freeloader) edit: peertube has no ads

  • @[email protected]
    311 months ago

    I’ve been considering paying for Premium, for largely the reasons you mention.

    One question I have is, as a Premium user, do you have to disable ad block/uBlock on Youtube so that YT can track which videos you watch and pay the creators accordingly?

    • @eldritch_lich
      411 months ago

      No, I still keep ublock enabled and still use revanced on my phone (RYD, sponsorblock, qol improvements). None of these actually prevent youtube from tracking your view, since the view counter still goes up and the video appears in your watch history.