For example, something that is too complex for your comfort level, a security concern, or maybe your hardware can’t keep up with the service’s needs?

  • RuudMA
    1810 months ago

    I hadn’t either until a few years ago. It’s something worth considering.

    • ily
      10 months ago

      Dealing with the digital afterlife of a hacker - The Daily Dot

      The main challenge was Michael’s tech footprint: His Gmail, Twitter, personal domains, rented servers, hosting business, home servers, and a huge collection of Apple tech.

      “It was tough for Beth because she got home and she had a brand new phone and couldn’t even get on the Wi-Fi,” Kalat said. “Michael had done everything. Beth is very smart—she’s a scientist—but Michael had handled everything. A friend had to come over to reset the Wi-Fi password.”

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      • @[email protected]
        1510 months ago

        Bitwarden has an option called emergency contact.

        The emergency contact can request access to see all the saved passwords. If I don’t deny the request then the request is automatically approved after X days.

        I feel like this would cover most of the issues in the article.