• @Kinglink
    410 months ago

    Education of others, voicing dissent, explaining valid cases why people legally want these devices, and also reminding people just because something CAN be used for wrong, doesn’t mean we should ban it. Equating freedom of speech with it too is important.

    In general though my opinion is governments shouldn’t try to legislate technology because technology is faster moving than it, and overall the understanding of the technology is foolish. It’s why SOPA was such a trainwreck because it wasn’t written by an unbiased party, but it also was written as a way to grab power, but wouldn’t actually be able to stop Piracy.

    Also donating to good charities is a good thing, groups like EFF do well in trying to fight against these bills (And I’m sure there’s jobs you can do with out a computer degree if you’re willing to volunteer time as well.

    Also learn programming if you’re interesting… It’s fun… Where fun is defined as soul breaking half the time but orgasmic the rest :) … Orgasmic not guarenteed.

    • @[email protected]
      110 months ago

      Great suggestions and something I will need to look further into. Some of these I had not thought of myself. Thank you.