As we have seen a rise of toxic behavior we have decided that it would be time for some rules. We would love other ideas too and feel free to discuss it here.

Also we are thinking about, to put in an Automoderation tool that could help us a lot. Because its currently not easy for us to scan every new comments and reports are rare currently. We want your opinons on that too, because its important to us that this community is based on the people here.

The shortlist that we have currently as idea for the Rules:

  • Be Kind to each other
  • No Hate speech
  • Dont harass people
  • No Racism, sexism and any other discrimination
  • Dont attack other people just because they have differnt opinions (Stay on Topic)
  • Do not double post
  • @[email protected]
    11 months ago

    These are the guidelines that the human moderators are going to be using to make their judgements. They’re not binding law. Is it really so important that you need to drill down to such tedious minutia? Just be good and if you do something wrong while acting in good faith, I’m sure they’ll just tell you.

    • @ConfidentLonelyOPM
      1011 months ago

      Yeah you are right, its my first time being moderator for such a big community. I just wan’t to make the thought process behind my/our decisions more clear for everyone and I think that would not hurt. But thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it

    • @Katana314
      311 months ago

      Meanwhile these people in criminal courtrooms:

      “What does ‘murder’ mean? If I happen to own a knife and like to toss it, but someone moves in my way when the knife comes down, am I suddenly considered a murderer? Won’t some people abuse these rules?”

    • @HardlightCereal
      211 months ago

      It’s naive to assume all moderators will make sensible decisions when you don’t know them.

        • @psud
          16 months ago

          Rules lawyering usually results in harsher punishment