• @Hazdaz
    -310 months ago

    Where is the data that Escalades - or larger SUVs in general - are the cause? What is considered an “SUV” varies rather wildly.

    But take that one step further… your argument is the same as all these people who complain that companies pollute so much… They pollute so much because they are MAKING STUFF FOR US TO BUY. There is no different here. STOP BUYING SUVs if they are such a massive problem. I love smaller cars. I don’t like seeing roads clogged by massive SUVs, but at the same time, people are CHOOSING to buy them. People act like they are innocent here. I will absolutely guarantee that the same people brainlessly complaining about SUVs online either own one, or a close family member or friend owns one.

    And my point still stands. You NEVER EVER see the same kind of hatred when some German piece of shit SUV is posted. They are within a few inches of this new electric Escalade and yet all the biased Lemmings come running out to bash it simply because it is American.

    • utm_source
      10 months ago

      Read the third link, or the first link, or literally anything ever published in the topic.