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    In a blog post today, Mike Verdu, vice president for games at Netflix, states that the streaming content company is rolling out “a limited beta test to a small number of members in Canada and the UK on select TVs starting today, and on PCs and Macs through Netflix.com on supported browsers in the next few weeks.”

    Given the mess that Linux users encounter with web-based DRM, and Netflix’s peculiar device support, it’s not a likely bet, at least for now.

    As we noted a few months ago, Netflix Games is poised in some ways to succeed beyond the limited impact Apple Arcade or Google’s Play Pass have made.

    This is not a value judgment, as there are some well-regarded titles in the mix that may make their way to streaming, including Moonlighter, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Laya’s Horizon, World of Goo Remastered, Shovel Knight, Immortality, Desta: The Memories Between, Reigns, and Into the Breach.

    Netflix seems to have big ambitions for games, recently investing heavily in its studios and third-party titles.

    Its latest ploy for even more access could mean the entry of a new, quirky competitor for our already highly sought-after screen time.

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