• LoafyLemon
    10 months ago

    Google has gone ahead and provided full refunds to all, encompassing not only the game costs but also expenses related to controllers, stadia devices, and purchased games. Developers of the few online games that have been available on stadia, have implemented a cost-free method for transferring accounts.

    Not excusing the fiasco that Google Stadia was, but credit where credit’s due.

    • @TheMauveAvenger
      310 months ago

      They’re one of the very few companies that even could afford to do that, and they didn’t have to. I think people who invested into Stadia lucked out that it was Google and not some other company.

      I would be reluctant to sign up for a similar clone service unless you also get a key to another store.

      • Eager Eagle
        110 months ago

        We didn’t luck out it was Google, if it had been a small startup I wouldn’t have trusted buying any games for it, neither would many others.

    • @Earthwormjim91
      010 months ago

      So again, you didn’t actually own the game. You just bought a license to play it on Google’s servers.

      Sure give them credit for doing the bare minimum and refunding people. But if you don’t own whatever the game is stored on, you don’t own the game.