Mitch McConell says the quiet part out loud.

Exact full quote from CNN:

“People think, increasingly it appears, that we shouldn’t be doing this. Well, let me start by saying we haven’t lost a single American in this war,” McConnell said. “Most of the money that we spend related to Ukraine is actually spent in the US, replenishing weapons, more modern weapons. So it’s actually employing people here and improving our own military for what may lie ahead.”

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  • @FluffyPotato
    110 months ago

    He was literally voted out by their parlament by like 300 to 0 votes and the only country calling it a coup was Russia.

    • queermunist she/her
      -210 months ago

      So? It was still an illegal move by their parliament - he wasn’t formally impeached. That’d be like the American House and Senate voting to remove the President without having impeachment proceedings. It doesn’t matter how overwhelming the majority is, the constitution is still supposed to be a legal document that hast to be followed.

      Also iirc the reason there were 0 votes against is because 170 abstained from the vote, because it was illegal.