EDIT: Thank you all for your answers, now I’m reassured this platform is in good hands and we will always have the freedom to switch. Let’s make this place vibrant, diverse and decentralized, like the old web used to be.

I feel like this instance is getting too big and all the content is being centralized here. Am I right or there are other instances thriving too?

Wherever I go I keep seeing lots of lemmy.world users and communities and kind of feel worried about centralization.

  • @CannaVet
    49 months ago

    The Beehaw thing pissed me off because it was a systemic version of the post I’ve been so fuckin tired of - “Why isn’t this Reddit and when will it become Reddit?”

    Really wish the people who want a 1 for 1 walled garden Reddit clone would just Go to one of the 1 for 1 walled garden Reddit clones instead of users demanding devs make it Reddit and server owners defederating from everyone in an attempt to be the winning walled off lemmy server instead of using it as intended.

    • Joe B
      09 months ago

      @CannaVet @ZephyrXero Admins need to make it clear that this is a reddit alternative. it’s not reddit. They need to hurry up because June 30th The next wave of the reddit migration will come over and overload everything. Admins need to put it in the sidebar when users first join