Tesla is facing issues with the bare metal construction of the Cybertruck, which Elon Musk warned was as tricky to do as making Lego bricks

  • @jugalator
    10 months ago

    I know it’s supposed to make them sound good and might indeed be meant for leaking, but all I can think of is the demands on quality assurance and risks of failures down the road if such precision is paramount for the operation of the vehicle and assumed by the teams building it.

    So give me a less finicky vehicle, please, and leave that precision for devices not subject to highly varying road conditions at very high speeds and housing people.

    • @hydrospanner
      1210 months ago

      Tolerance/precision is all about choosing an appropriate one for the task, to achieve the desired results.

      I’m not an automotive engineer, but nothing immediately jumps to mind on an automobile where this level of precision would be necessary, or indeed even desirable.

      This just makes me think about the Vietnam war, where the far more precision engineered M16A1 was widely criticized for its unreliable performance in the harsh jungle environment, while the AK-47… built to whatever is the opposite of high precision and tight tolerance, was an absolute workhorse. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if there were still caches of dozens or even hundreds of AK-47s buried in the jungle since the mid 70s, that could be dug up and immediately used today.

    • @[email protected]
      410 months ago

      I hear you but warranty clearly states that it only covers use on completely level, dry surfaces at speeds below 29 km/h.