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There have been users spamming CSAM content in [email protected] causing it to federate to other instances. If your instance is subscribed to this community, you should take action to rectify it immediately. I recommend performing a hard delete via command line on the server.

I deleted every image from the past 24 hours personally, using the following command: sudo find /srv/lemmy/ -type f -ctime -1 -exec shred {} \;

Note: Your local jurisdiction may impose a duty to report or other obligations. Check with these, but always prioritize ensuring that the content does not continue to be served.


Apparently the Lemmy Shitpost community is shut down as of now.

  • @HybridSarcasm
    49 months ago

    Locking the thread. Information relevant to self-hosters has already been shared. Too many reports of off-topic comments to leave this open.