• @hoch
    179 months ago

    The article doesn’t even mention that the shooting happened during a forced game of Russian roulette.

    • @[email protected]
      69 months ago

      It kinda does, but it doesn’t make sense:

      After removing a bullet from the chamber of his gun, Elward stuck a gun into Jenkins’ mouth and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked. Then he racked the slide, only this time, the gun fired a bullet

      Usually Russian Roulette involves removing all of the bullets except one. This shitbag removed just one bullet. But most importantly, Russian Roulette is done with a revolver and the mention of a slide indicates it wasn’t a revolver.

      So… I don’t know what happened here. Did this Elward shithead say he was going to do a Russian Roulette thing but didn’t understand how any of that works?