Just found out that my current car will die any day now due to a known defect. It’s out of warranty and I have no money to replace it right now.

I’ve been cursed with car problems my whole life, no matter how well I take care of them, I keep getting screwed.

All of the cars have been Fords because I always heard they were generally dependable and cheap to repair/upkeep, but so far they have all failed me.

What cars do y’all recommend? What cars do you have that just won’t give up the ghost no matter how old/beat up they get? If your life depended on your car lasting as long as possible, what car would you drive?

I want whatever car I get next to last me 10-20 years. I want to be that person posting a picture of the odometer hitting 300k miles. I also don’t care much about features, reliability is key.

  • Travalaaaaaaanche!
    159 months ago

    Don’t get a jeep! Ours developed a heart defect 2 weeks before we paid it off. Turns out, it’s a known issue that Jeep just doesn’t care about addressing because “loyal” owners will just replace it (meaning the whole engine), and often do.

    • @QuarterSwede
      9 months ago

      It’s not just Jeep, it’s any FCA/Stellantis vehicle with the 3.6L Pentastar engine. If you know it’ll develop a head gasket leak after 100K and replace it ($5K) before it does, you won’t have another problem with it. If you don’t, it’ll total the engine ($15K). Happened to me. I hope there’s a class action law suit honestly.

    • donuts
      39 months ago

      As someone who kind of likes the idea of owning a Wrangler, this disappoints me to no end. :(

      • @[email protected]
        29 months ago

        You can always swap the engine with a honda vtec engine, but in doing so you’ll trigger the ire of other jeep owners who’ll complain about the lack of torque at low rpm on honda engines.