And we just the official bullshit of “Well it runs on my PC just fine.” from a developer.

  • @Delphia
    29 months ago

    The fact is that PC gamers (of which I am one) are some of the worst consumers to make products for.

    To make a AAA title with no bitching you need to break new ground and be innovative without feeling derivative or alienating, it needs to offer absolutely endless gameplay without being boring situationally generated filler, have a real sense of progression that isnt a lootgrind, be inclusive without being “woke”, offer endless customisation of literally everything and run on absolutely any hardware and os configuration from the last decade with absolutely zero issues. Oh and god help you if the release is delayed by so much as a day, the game cant have any kind of subscription model or cosmedic microtransactions to fund the free DLCs that need to be released regularly until the heat death of the universe.

    Very VERY rarely someone gets it right, sure it can be done. But its like hitting an out of the park home run, its not supposed to be easy.

    • @Chickenstalker
      -19 months ago

      You godamned right it is. Nothing wrong with asking for the best if you’re paying premium prices. Cry more.