1. I create a well crafted post to a normal site that gets 10.000 upvotes.

  2. I change the URL to a malicious site.

  3. ???

  4. Profit

  • deweydecibel
    1 year ago

    Title should be editable for at least a few minutes after a post, up to maybe an hour at most. Anything after that, it becomes a method of slipping shit past the community by masking it as something else, or changing it down the road to fuck with search engines.

    Also, it increases the amount of work mods have to do by not only monitoring new submissions but having to continuously monitor old ones for edits.

    At the very least, edits to the title should not overwrite the original after a short grace period but instead be considered “alternative” or “additional”. You can add onto it (i.e. Update: Cat has received scritches), but you can’t alter the original.

    I know we all hate Reddit for obvious and understandable reasons, but not everything it did was stupid. This is one of those things where the restriction was to both protect users and prevent abuse, not just because Reddit is mean and doesn’t like users.

    • @joyjoy
      41 year ago

      Moderators should be able to edit post titles. Something configurable per community.

    • @T156
      11 year ago

      Maybe have it be something that can be set per instance/community, and/or up to operators/moderators, like how downvotes are currently configured?

      That way, mods that don’t mind it can allow it, and ones that don’t want it can remove it.

      Although some way to be able to check and revert changes would probably also be handy, just in case of a malicious/accidental edit, whether due to a malicious user/operator/moderator, a bot going rogue, etc.