In the latest unredacted document oopsie stemming from the US Federal Trade Commission’s efforts to stop Microsoft acqu…

  • @TheGrandNagus
    53 months ago

    I’ve been repeatedly downvoted on here and on Reddit for pointing out that Microsoft clearly just wants to capture the market and wield their disproportionate amount of power (their money, pretty much monopolistic OS position, ever-growing IP, and strength to push DirectX over other standards, etc) as a weapon.

    People really love Microsoft and won’t hear criticism of them.

    People look at gamepass and think ooooh that’s great, such a good price. I’m sure they won’t ever jack up prices once they capture the market!

    I’m sure it’s fine that MS has sole control over the graphics API pretty much all games use!

    It’s fine that MS is spending dozens to hundreds of billions on buying publishers, because Sony bought one too (that’s a 15th the size)! And it’s fine that they’re making that stuff exclusive to their platforms!

    It’s fine that Microsoft hurts open standards!


    I’m so damn tired of people carrying water for multi billion trillion dollar companies with immense history of anticompetitive and illegal behaviour.

    • @[email protected]
      33 months ago

      I get your point. You‘re not the only one schooling peeps on this. It’s highly frustrating.

      Make sure to not repeat yourself a lot but make a blog, youtube channel, etc. Make your statements, put sources together to make it easy and logical and then just link to it.

      The big problem democracy has is efficiency. People who actually know stuff burn out because they don’t accept that they might be right but not efficient. Don’t be that guy.

      I‘m currently trying to build stuff up with mastodon but it’s still a wip.

      Good luck to you.