Is there a GUI which I can just click and disable and enable packages debugging Samsung Android phones? I heard that there are options which are much simpler than vanilla ADB. I just want to get rid ofll the Samsung/Google/Meta bloat prepackaged with the phone. Appreciate any pointers/advice.

  • Gazumi
    15 months ago

    UAD is the only easy option, but if not sure, read more online so you know what it all looks like. My personal advice before using UAD, is to (1) make a list of the apps you’ve installed and want to keep (2) Reset the phone to factory settings or at least turn off any screen lock, sim lock or other locks (3) Check for phone software updates and install those (don’t bother with the Play store updates) (4) Set up Developer options (search how and what to change to allow UAD) (5) Run UAD (6) Install any apps you use and enjoy.