If I try to edit text I have typed out, it is very difficult. It’s impossible to place the caret in the middle of a word and difficult to place it between. Very frustrating and I don’t understand why.

  • @orangeNgreen
    5 months ago

    It’s hilarious that you make assumptions. I use the spacebar trick. I place the cursor in the middle of a word, and then the cursor bounces back to the beginning of the sentence or somewhere else entirely. I’ve never had an issue until iOS 17. Hence, seems like a bug.

    Edit: I should add, I could totally be wrong. And it still might be user error. I have no idea. But the cursor bouncing all around is a recent issue I’ve been encountering since my new phone and new iOS.

    • @[email protected]OP
      55 months ago

      I don’t have ios 17, but have the problem with the space bar technique. I found it works with SwiftKey, but not the Default keyboard.