Hello World!

The last week or so we have seen quite a big ‘boost’ in the amount of new users signing up so we thought it would be a good time to highlight some things that are of interest to new users.


Lemmy World is not a free speech instance, there are a couple of ground rules that need to be followed. If you’re new, I would advise you to read our Code of Conduct.


If you are new to the fediverse as a whole, it might all be a bit overwhelming. What is Lemmy? What is federation? What even is an instance? For those questions I would suggest you have a look at the getting starting guide. It should cover most of your questions.


You can head over to the [email protected] community. This community should be used for questions regarding Lemmy World and is not the support community for the Lemmy software this site uses.

Our Admin @quinten recently made a post covering the most recurring questions there too. Read about that here.


Lemmy World hosts a few custom User Interfaces which give you a completely different experience both on the desktop as on mobile.


There are a lot of Third Party apps available for Lemmy. From Paid to Open Source, you will find something that suits you easily.

For a complete list of apps have a look at https://lemmyapps.netlify.app/ (Thanks [email protected]).

EDIT: Updated the apps list. Also some more interesting links in @[email protected]’s post here: https://lemmy.world/comment/3962001

EDIT 2: Instead of https://photon.lemmy.world you can now just go to https://p.lemmy.world. You can thank @[email protected] laziness for that.

  • @lwadminOPMA
    45 months ago

    I like to think it is someone who missed the upvote button and accidentally downvoted.

    • @Kuma
      55 months ago

      That could actually happen, it happens to me a lot. I use voyager and sometimes do i hold the vote slide too long. But (i hope) i always see it and fix it. Sometimes i need multiple tries, i vote too little to get good at it 😂