A nightmare scenario previously only imagined by AI researchers, where AI image generators accidentally spit out non-consensual pornography of real people, is now reality.

  • @andros_rex
    37 months ago

    “If the models are trained on images of specific individuals, the models can reproduce images that resemble those people. In the worst case, the model may even directly output verbatim copies of images from the training set,”

    • FaceDeer
      37 months ago

      Oh, it’s a reference to that paper.

      Firstly, that paper was written in January and examined a Stable Diffusion model that was already obsolete due to its poor training even back then. Secondly, even with that poor model they had to move heaven and earth to find a handful of examples out of hundreds of millions of training examples where they could get a blurry replica out.

      Here’s a Reddit thread from back in the day discussing how, really, this sort of thing just proves how difficult it is to do this.

      Secondly, as mentioned, that model is long obsolete due to issues exactly like this. Modern models work better in part because they have better curated training sets that eliminate this sort of “overfitting.” There’s no indication in this article that the website in question is using one of those old models, it’s just presented as a hypothetical concern.