Kevin Afghani announced he’s taken over the plunger from Mario’s voice actor for over 25 years, Charles Martinet.

  • Sparky678348
    8 months ago

    In what other instances are you picky about the voices of iconic characters?

    • Otome-chan
      38 months ago

      Sonic is basically what got me invested in voice actor swaps lol. I literally can’t stand some of the voice actor swaps in that series because they just sound so drastically different and wrong.

      Voice issues happen a lot with anime too when it gets dubbed. Rarely will the dub be better, but there’s some iconic dubs like the pokemon cast, or haruhi. With the yuki-chan spin-off series of haruhi, I was really concerned they’d get different VAs and it’d be ruined as a result, but fortunately they had brought back the entire original cast.