The results are in!

We welcome Lemmy Silver Trollface Thonking Surprised Pikachu Popcorn Crying Lemmy Smash Facepalm and duckass to the community.

To use the emoji’s simply type :duckass: :silver: :trollface: :thonk: :pikachu: :popcorn: :sad: :smash: or :facepalm:

Hello World,

Nothing as exciting as emojis, right? We would like to make it easier for you to express yourselves, so we’ll be adding custom emojis to Lemmy.World. The question is, which ones? Let’s pick together!

So, we’re reaching out to everyone with a Lemmy.World account: Please provide a link to the image you’d like to suggest and upvote the ones you’d like to see! The most upvoted emoji’s will, after review, be added to our list of custom emojis.

The emojis can be used by anyone on Lemmy.World in comments and posts.

  • @orangeNgreen
    15 months ago

    They’re not appearing on Bean or Safari either - at least not in comments. Maybe they only work on posts right now?

    • Antik 👾M
      55 months ago

      Lemmy.World can you see this?

      They work on the website and are probably not supported by all apps. But Safari should work fine.

      There’s also an issue in Lemmy currently with custom emoji’s. I see there’s a problem report on github that was closed, so I hope it will be solved in v0.19 which should be right around the corner.

      • @aelwero
        15 months ago

        I’m using liftoff app. I see your emoji. I see new emojis in some comments but not others (roughly 80% success rate). The comment you originally replied to in this thread (two comments up I think) has popcorn and facepalm shown as emojis (the facepalm is not Picard though…it’s apple/google/etc.), the rest are text.