Hey all,

I’m the author of lemmyverse.net and I’ve recently been working on a new moderation tool called Lemmy Modder. https://modder.lemmyverse.net/

Currently, it supports user registration/approvals and content report management. I offer it either as a hosted app (which is currently only compatible with Lemmy 0.18 instances) or a package that you can run alongside your Lemmy instance (using Docker-Compose)

Feel free to give it a go and send any feedback my way :) https://github.com/tgxn/lemmy-modder

Edit for a note: This tool does not save, proxy or store any of your user credentials or data to me, it is only ever stored locally in your browser. I also do not use any website tracking tools. 👍

  • Quinten
    49 months ago

    Great work!