Holy crap, that’s a lot of work to get a roll of filament. That’s only economical if your time is worth nothing. Ugh.

  • sj_zero
    28 months ago

    Great argument. Bit of a problem though: you don’t need to convince me or the fediverse. You need to convince plastic recyclers not to just take the strange plastic like thing that isn’t labeled and isn’t common and just send it to the landfill.

    The journey of recycling doesn’t end the moment that a potentially recyclable object ends up in your recycle bin. In order to be recycled, A bunch of things need to go right, and if they don’t then your “recycling” just enters the local landfill, if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, your “recycling” will end up in a cargo container on its way to a landfill in some third world country somewhere.