Hey everyone, welcome back.

Between the end of last season and now we had a bot that was working for gamethreads, but it’s since stopped working and the owner is not really interested in getting it working again.

If anyone is capable of setting up another bot or has a working bot for game threads please contact me.

If not, I am looking to add moderators that are willing and able to get up game threads (and moderate them if needed).

On c/nfl we tried threads for every game and it simply isn’t populated enough to have that many threads and everyone decided to just do a Thursday/Sunday/Monday thread. What does everyone think about maybe a weekly thread for all of the games or would you prefer game threads for each individual game? (if you check NFL and see an “NFL bot” account posting the game threads, it was supposed to be a bot, but we couldn’t get it going and log in and post them manually from it).

Edit - And lastly, obviously, part of the point in modding whoever posts these is so that they can be pinned by the poster.

  • @HurtsOP
    19 months ago

    Gotcha (and gotcha on the reply for the comment I just tagged you in). I agree about threads for every game, but it’s definitely a lot of work to do manually, if we have people willing to do it I’m game though. I just can’t personally commit to getting them all up

    • VodkaSolution M
      29 months ago

      Sorry I was not clear: I meant we could have a thread per day, with all the games