Hello World!

First off, better late than never: Happy Halloween!

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet lately. But we love you, promises given! We’re just working on a lot of things, and most of us are very busy with their daily lives lately. We’ll be back with you to announce some of our projects tomorrow. <3

Lately, and gladly, here’s a grand thanks to @[email protected] for giving us an amazing Halloween icon!

  • @Godnroc
    1386 months ago

    Things have been working fine for me, so well done and take whatever time things take.

    • @runswithjedi
      526 months ago

      I’ll second this. I’ve been engaging with lots of people and it feels like a real community here.

      • @Detheroth
        366 months ago

        I rarely contribute and the few interactions Ive had on Lemmy have been leagues better than anything on Reddit (or most other social media).

        I find most people are here because they want the connection, not to earn internet clout. That seems to push people towards discussion, instead of the white noise I see elsewhere.

        • FraidyBear
          46 months ago

          Same here. I rarely contribute but have felt more inclined to do so here because when I do I usually get a response from someone that’s actually wanting to contribute to the conversation. Everyone has been super respectful even with controversial topics. On most other platforms I would be lucky for anyone to even read my comment let alone take the time to reply or engage by voting. For us old ass millennials it feels like the old days of the internet back when everyone had a blog or a Tumblr for people to follow, ya know back before Tumblr became whatever the hell it is now lol.

      • LillyPip
        146 months ago

        I just want to hug you all. Happy whichever holiday you’re celebrating right now. Loving all of you.