Hello World!

First off, better late than never: Happy Halloween!

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet lately. But we love you, promises given! We’re just working on a lot of things, and most of us are very busy with their daily lives lately. We’ll be back with you to announce some of our projects tomorrow. <3

Lately, and gladly, here’s a grand thanks to @[email protected] for giving us an amazing Halloween icon!

  • deweydecibel
    6 months ago

    The more I look at the icon, the more confused I am by it. Is it a pumpkin head, or a pumpkin mask? The ears are sticking through and there’s a cut out for the nose so I’m guessing mask, but then what the hell happened to its eye? Does the mask turn half your face evil, or did some asshole jab him in the eye?

    Or…is it implied he’s like a Frankenstein’s monster under there, cause of the green ears?

    • @canthidium
      206 months ago

      lol, so it started as a pumpkin head/jack o lantern, but as I was tweaking things here and there, I wasn’t liking it so I kept going back to a very simple design of the orange pumpkin head with green “stem” ears. Then someone suggested making the eyes red and white and it just looked right, so here we are, haha. Sometimes graphic design is just an accident.