Hello World,

Due to our pace of growth, our platform ended up with thousands of communities created by you, our dear users. While we are still appreciative of every community effort, we decided we need to be able to better assist and publicize them. To assist with this effort, we now have two community team positions available:

  • The Community Engagement Team: This team will work with community moderators and find ways to increase their engagement, provide them with easy access to logo and banner options, and communicate with you better to assure transparency as needed. Team capacity: 6 new members expected
  • The Community Management Team: This team will be responsible of making sure communities have active moderators, assuring compliance in Lemmy.World communities, and keeping track of community moderation logs in order to assure they are moderated in good health. Team capacity: 6 new members expected

Both of these teams will be working closely with the admin team, and are expected to become ways for our users to have enhanced control of their instance. Let’s build something great together!

How to apply

All applications must include the following information:

  • Your Lemmy.World registered username, and your reason to apply
  • The position you are interested in
  • Your time zone, and average availability level

All applications may be sent to @[email protected] or @[email protected], or e-mailed to [email protected]

  • Striker
    45 months ago

    I would like to apply please. For the community engagement team

      • @DarthBueller
        5 months ago

        For all of those who are down voting the nope, read the instructions on how to apply in the post. You all failed that trick test teachers handed out in grade school, where if you actually read the instructions, it tells you to put your name on the paper and put down your pencil without trying to answer any of the questions on the test, because the test is “do you pay attention to shit” not “do you know the answers”.

          • @SoftScotch
            5 months ago

            I got a laugh out of it!

          • @linearchaos
            85 months ago

            Bad faith or unconventional sense of humor… Come to think of it they’re probably not mutually exclusive.