• @tankplanker
    29 months ago

    When you push all the blame onto Larson without looking at the wider picture then you are very clearly and very loudly showing your bias.

    Do you really think Disney of all film companies does not have a predefined media strategy that the actors have to follow? Disney decided that the girlboss meme was marketable and profitable, hence bullshit like the epic mess of the last SW trilogy that showed they have no idea how to make a character relatable or likeable if its a woman in a lead action role.

    Blaming Larson for not correctly engaging fans for the mess that is Captain Marvel is like saying the Rock is at fault for Black Adam as he did the same. While the Rock is a terrible actor he is one of the most engaging actors currently working and brings his own dedicated fan base. That all fell apart when it came to the god awful shitshow that was Black Adam, both the pompous unlikable character and the boring and dull film, very similar to Captain Marvel.

    You’re ire should be strictly reserved for Disney and DC for their lack of understanding of how to write films, if the Rock cannot save it, no actor could have saved either role.

    Disney just do not understand what the characters are, witness them making Peter Parker into Iron man nano bot edition with powers, complete with worldwide fame and buckets of cash. So hard did they fuck that up they had to MacGuffin their way out of that with the shitty global mind wipe. But even that terrible decision was saved from the by bringing back likeable and engaging characters from the previous films and iterations. Take out the mind wipe crap and add in almost any other multi verse cross over trope and it still works, take out the ability to bring back old characters from the multi verse (or similar MacGuffin) and the film would just absolutely stink.

    • smoothbrain coldtakes
      19 months ago

      You can continue to downvote and throw paragraphs, or you can read my comment from later in the chain posted yesterday:

      Disney deemed it profitable so it was done, because online hatred is easy to ignore at the boardroom level but it generates buzz.

    • @Deftdrummer
      -59 months ago

      I don’t agree, these actors and production hands and the whole plague that is Hollywood push the woke agenda at every turn.

      The interviews happened, you can watch them. As a shriveled up media whore I would expect no less but to say 'she didn’t have a part, and the blame goes to her employer " is such a new age cop out.