Hello Minecraft fans!

While this community was growing strong thanks to all of you dedicated fans, it looked like our founder hadn’t logged into his account in a while - we had no icon, and no rules.

I’ve requested and have been granted moderation permissions to fill in this gap, and so we’ve introduced a new icon and a new set of rules. While I can’t confirm anything, I’ve also been in contact with a moderator from the Minecraft subreddit and they might be joining us soon.

What does this mean for us?

This means this community is now ready to gather more users whilst making sure our standards of quality and safety are met, please feel free to continue posting. We will be promoting this community and attracting new users in several different channels, and I’ll be taking suggestions for any threads, rules or content you want to see more around here.

Has /u/AutoModerator been removed?

Nope! They’ve created this community and I have zero intention of poaching content from other moderators. If they are just taking a break and comes back, I’ll cooperate with their decisions and judgment going forward. But if they never come back, rest assured I’m not giving up on this.

Happy gaming!

  • @ovisM
    81 year ago

    o/ Great to see this community getting the care it deserves!